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Meet Jade

Hello and Welcome to the Treasure U Treatment room at Bold Athletics + Fitness! 

I first started my Health and Wellness journey with Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. Shortly after that, I also became passionate about Reiki, Meditation, and Thai Yoga Massage. I graduated from Makami with a 3000-hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy diploma.


With my background, I am able to pull from different tools and techniques to assist my clients and their unique needs. From relaxation to deep tissues and cupping therapy, I have a wide range of skills to offer a supportive and well-rounded treatment plan. I look forwards to being a part of your Healing Journey!

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Massage / Therapy Work

Each treatment is designed to support you in the moment while working towards your end goals. Setting an intention with massage treatments can be very helpful in seeing results and healing. Massage Therapy & bodywork can help with chronic pain, discomforts, sore/tight muscles, limited range of motion, flexibility & Mobility, new or old injuries, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being. 

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Manual Cupping

Cupping Therapy works by bringing more blood flow and circulation to specific areas. The cups are applied manually or with a pump and lift the superficial tissues creating space, moving stagnant blood, and encouraging new fresh blood into the area. This can help with reducing fascial adhesions, restricted muscles and fascia, and cell rejuvenation. 

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As a Holistic service provider, I’m able to combine all my modalities into one treatment. Each Combo session is uniquely designed for the individual it’s intended for. 


Examples - 

  • Massage Therapy + Cupping Therapy + Gua sha scraping + Assisted stretching.

  • Assisted stretching + Cupping Therapy + Facial Massage + Yoga sequence for home-care

  • Facial Massage + Reiki + Cupping Therapy. 


17627 111th Ave Nw

Edmonton, AB, T5S 0A1



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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

5:30 am – 8:00 pm


8:00 am – 2:00pm



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