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100% Customized

Transform Your Body, Elevate Your Life: Unleash Your Potential with Personal Training Excellence!


One of the top reasons to hire a personal trainer is the ability to receive personalized workout plans tailored to your specific goals, fitness level, and body type. Our specialists will assess your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations, and design a program that maximizes your potential and helps you achieve results efficiently. They can also modify exercises on the spot to accommodate any injuries or conditions, ensuring safe and effective workouts and results!

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Many individuals struggle with staying consistent and motivated when it comes to their fitness routine. Having a one of our specialists provides a built-in support system and accountability partner. Your trainer will hold you accountable for showing up to sessions, pushing through challenging workouts, and staying committed to your goals. They can provide the necessary motivation, encouragement, and guidance to keep you focused and on track, even on days when your motivation is low.

Injury Prevention

Our specialists will ensure you perform exercises with correct form, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing the effectiveness of each movement. Personal trainers have in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, allowing them to identify any imbalances or compensations in your movement patterns and provide corrective exercises to address them. This attention to detail can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and help you achieve optimal results.

Long-Term Changes

Working with our specialists goes beyond just the workout sessions. They can provide valuable education and guidance on various aspects of fitness, including nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle habits. We will empower you with knowledge and equip you with the tools to make sustainable changes in your lifestyle. We will help you establish healthy habits, set realistic goals, and develop a long-term plan for continued success even after your training sessions conclude.

Jocelyn Michelle, YEG

“Aaron as a trainer has taught me SO much, I will be able to carry all this forward with me when I train on my own. I am FAR more effective then I have ever been while working out. I am met with unconditional patience during each session and I always leave feeling that I get more out of my investment then is required. It's a great environment, 11/10 recommend."

Blain Bourdages, YEG

"Aaron from Bold Athletics gets it!!
From the minute you walk into his facility and set foot out into his physical playroom he make you feel comfortable and confident. As person who has walked into many gyms and knows what could be in store for himself. I knew this was gonna be a different experience. I felt no judgement, I felt no ego. You come as you are.
(And my Gawd is it super clean). You are getting the 100% value for you dollar. I would recommend BOLD athletics any day of the week whether you are a nube or a person that has been in gyms for years. BOLD athletics has you covered.."

Pilar Ramirez ,YEG

"After training on my own for a long time l was stuck with my progress and decided to get professional help. I have been training with Aaron for almost a year now and I love my results! I’ve been losing weight while building muscle and losing fat, resulting in better muscle definition: my abs are starting to show! His workouts are personalized and I’m never bored.  I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve fitness regardless of your fitness level."


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