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Neurotype Breakdowns

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Neurotype Breakdowns

Neurotyping is a concept developed by coach and writer Christian Thibaudeau that aims to categorize individuals based on their neurological profile, particularly in relation to their neurotransmitter dominance and activity. Neurotyping suggests that different individuals have varying levels of neurotransmitter activity, which can influence their behaviour, cognitive functioning, and responses to training or stress. All of this plays an important role in choosing the proper training and nutrition protocols for a client and their personal goals.

Image by Alora Griffiths

Type 1A

Type 1A (Dopaminergic): Individuals with Type 1A neurotype are often characterized as "high dopamine." They tend to be driven, competitive, and highly motivated. They thrive on intensity, novelty, and challenge. Type 1A individuals are often goal-oriented and can be impulsive or prone to taking risks. They tend to have strong focus and attention, especially when they are interested in a task or activity.​

Image by Sam Sabourin

Type 1B

Type 1B (Acetylcholine): Type 1B neurotype individuals are referred to as "high acetylcholine." They are typically creative, intuitive, and sensitive. They have a strong imagination and are often drawn to artistic pursuits. Type 1B individuals are highly perceptive and tend to notice details that others may miss. They can be emotionally reactive and may experience mood swings. They often excel in activities that require fine motor skills or precision.

Type 2A

Type 2A (GABAergic): Type 2A neurotype individuals are described as "high GABA." They value stability, routine, and predictability. They tend to be calm, methodical, and detail-oriented. Type 2A individuals thrive in structured environments and prefer consistency. They can be resistant to change and may struggle with adapting to new situations. They often have good analytical skills and excel in tasks that require attention to detail and precision.

Image by Arthur Edelmans

Type 2B

Type 2B (Serotonergic): Type 2B neurotype individuals are characterized as "high serotonin." They are often social, empathetic, and cooperative. They have a strong sense of responsibility and enjoy helping others. Type 2B individuals tend to be more risk-averse and prefer stability and harmony. They often have good self-control and can regulate their emotions effectively. They excel in activities that involve teamwork and collaboration.

Type 3

Type 3 athletes are anxious by nature and offset this by following routine and building structure into their life. Planning and preparing are second nature to them, in life. This gives them control over circumstances and helps predict the outcome to avoid any new stimulus that might trigger more stress. Adapting to change or new situations is very challenging for a Type 3. They are more likely to accumulate knowledge since they have good focus and concentration. 

Mark C, YEG

"I've been working with Aaron and he's been excellent. I used to make my own workouts just by piecing exercises together and was always worried I wasn't building up supporting muscles enough. Aaron's very knowledgable and his workouts make sure I work everything I need to build properly without hurting myself. I'd highly recommend Bold if you're looking for a custom plan, and his plans/prices are reasonable. He's also easily accessible if you do virtual training away from his gym, no issues getting a hold of him with questions if I'm not sure about something."

Tyler H, YEG

"When I met Aaron, I lifted weights 5-6 days a week with almost an hour of cardio/day and ate pretty healthy. After working for a couple years with Aaron we were able to establish a better nutrition plan with minor adjustments and just building a base of better habits. We worked through what types of food systems worked best with my body. We were able to reduce the amount of workouts and cardio to be more efficient with the time. This update is coming a couple years after working with Aaron showing that the building of better habits can become sustainable and build a healthier life. There isn’t a better investment than your health. I would recommend Aaron of Bold athletics to anyone looking to make sustainable changes to their health."

Chris O, USA

"I've been working with Aaron for the last 4 months with great success. I came to Aaron because I am aging and the workouts I was doing from my youth were causing injuries. Aaron's systematic custom approach to fixing my imbalances has been critical to getting me back to athletic competition."


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