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Nutrition Coaching

Elevate Your Health and Performance with Expert Nutrition Coaching!

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Your Neurotype

An approach to training and fitness that takes into account an individual's neurological profile, personality traits, and preferences. It is based on the concept that different people have varying neurological profiles, which can influence their responses to different training methods, exercise intensities. Each neurotype has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Each neurotype will follow a specific nutrition protocol and macro nutrient profile that will work best for them to achieve there physical and lifestyel goals.


Neurotype Nutrition

This is not a fad diet. It's a plan that works with your nervous system. We will work with you to find further information about what your body needs to achieve the goals you want in a ethical timeline. You will be motivated as we will supply you with whole foods that you like to eat . You will boost your energy, help with your sleep and recovery, your body composition will change and have the support from your coach.

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Daily Habits

Incorporating daily health habits is essential for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Regular exercise increases metabolism, burns calories, and helps build lean muscle mass, contributing to weight management. A balanced diet that focuses on whole foods, portion control, and mindful eating promotes weight loss or weight maintenance. Additionally, sufficient sleep aids in weight management by regulating hunger hormones and reducing cravings.

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Nutrition Coaching

Your coaching specialist will design a custom nutrition program based on your long-term goals and lifestyle. You will be given a thorough breakdown of your calculations, the foods being incorporated, and supplement guidance if needed. You and your coach will establish weekly and month touch points (calls), adjust habits and nutritional guidance/modifications based on weekly metrics. 

Echo H, YEG

"Aaron, who is my trainer, truly cares about his clients wellness and goals, studies regularly to increase his knowledge of personal training and applies neurological aspects of how each person individually responds in training. Also I have know him for many years and he’s a truly wonderful and kind person! I highly recommend these trainers and the fantastic, positive, respectful and healthy atmosphere with great clientele at Bold!"

Dean F, YEG

"I just started training at Bold Athletics and was very impressed by the assessment and details that went into building my workout plan. The assessment gave me details on my body type and the type of diet I require in order to reach my fitness goals. The gym is also very impressive, all brand new equipment and lots of space throughout the gym. I highly recommend!"

Jason H, YEG

Aaron's approach to to nutrition is unique as he takes it slow and makes it easy to make changes as opposed to drastically changing eating habits with "diets" that won't stick. He's been able to create a challenging and interesting workout with the minimal equipment I have at home which was a big struggle for me prior to working with Aaron.
He is a wealth of knowledge through his continuing education in the field and has first hand experience with everything since he is a professional athlete.


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