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4 Key Components

Practicing off the floor is such a vital component to improving your athletic potential. With specific drills and skills you will notice a difference in your game post session.


Move fluently and effectively in the goal to make game winning saves.


Be in the right position at the right time. Conserve engery to make big saves.


Boost your ability to track the ball coming at you. Make save after save.

Save Mechanics

Practice big save mechanics that will allow you to take away the net.

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Dominate Your Crease!

Session Features

  • Professional Coaching

    Over 23 years of lacrosse experience. 15 years being a professional in the National Lacrosse League.

  • Supercharge Skills

    Work on specific skills you need to develop. We guarantee better skill techniques and performance after one session!

  • Skill Reports

    After your session, you receive a report giving you feedback on how to continuously improve your skills.

  • Additional Drills

    On request, receive drills that you can do from home. (Proper set-up of net and cones are needed). 


Find The Right Package For You!

1 Session


3 Sessions

Build New Skills

6 Sessions

Dominate Your Crease

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